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Don’t know what to wear? Don’t know how to wear it? Don’t have time to find it?

Welcome to Julia Edits.

Wouldn’t it feel incredible if you could open a fashion magazine and afford everything on the page. No false hopes, no gasps of disappointment, no trawling the high street for something similar. 

Then imagine... it was something you, yes you, could actually wear.  A real woman, with a real budget, a stylish, busy woman, who is already on top of the trends, but with your hectic lifestyle you simply haven’t got the time to do it all yourself.

And then... as if by magic... you didn’t have to wait to finally see it in store… you didn’t have to scroll through a search until you sourced it yourself.... but you just click on to buy. Right there. Right then. So it is all yours and winging it’s way to your wardrobe just in time for the weekend. 

Affordable, achievable and edited for you… Julia Edits finds the most wantable, wearable, wow-factor clothes, shoes and accessories, for every age and every budget.

With expert tips and advice you can pull all the right pieces together, so that however busy you are… you can wear it with confidence.

It’s happening… RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW.

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Julia May Morgan has worked as Fashion Director on Britain’s biggest selling glossy magazines for more than 15 years.

She has styled, art directed and produced fashion shoots globally, working with top fashion photographers, models and hair & makeup artists in New York, Paris, Milan, LA, Sydney, Cape Town to name but a few. She has edited, styled and written her own fashion magazine, attended international catwalk collections season after season and dressed countless celebrities.

Obsessed with new restaurants, Julia is the go to for all her friends & family when it comes to recommending a night out.  There isn't a new opening she doesn't know about & if she hasn't been yet, it's probably on the agenda. 

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