Fata Morgana  by Laura Buckley, Saatchi Gallery

Fata Morgana by Laura Buckley, Saatchi Gallery



WHERE? Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Road, Chelsea, London SW3 4RY

WHEN? Now until 5th May 

WHY GO? To experience the vaguely hallucinating effect of stepping inside a kaleidoscope!  By Laura Buckley, Fata Morgana is a walk-in hexagonal installation with mirrors, sounds and video footage creating the magical illusion of being inside a kaleidoscope. Dizzying stuff!

It’s the highlight of a cool contemporary exhibition featuring 8 other international artists and is free, except for the £2 catalogue fee if you want to step inside the box and experience another world!

IN THE KNOW?  Irish born artist Laura who works in London says the name Fata Morgana alludes to a superior mirage and questions what is at the end of things ….. all very philosophical.  Basically, she likes to play with dimension, perspective, light and sound. Her fascination with kaleidoscopes started when she bought her daughter a kid’s make-your-own kit and wow, it’s certainly developed into an epic structure!