berner's tavern

What? Modern British

Where? 10 Berners St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 3NP

When? Breakfast, lunch, supper.  Jason Atherton ticks the boxes whatever time of day.

Why? Dingly Dell pork belly, slow cooked cheeks, apricots, baby turnips, mustard honey and clove sauce, pork scratchings.  And that's just one plate.

I would have? Roasted norfolk quail, peach & saffron chutney, chopped chicken liver on toast, marinated peaches, pistachio dressing £17. Dingle dell pork belly, slow-cooked cheek, apricots, baby turnips, mustard, honey & clove sauce, pork scratchings £28.

Inside track? Put a booking down for the punch room after.  30 speciality punches and impromptu live performances.  Can't be a bad night really.