Domesday Book c1086 The National Archives

Domesday Book c1086 The National Archives


WHAT? Art , Word, War 

WHERE? British Library, Euston Road, London NW1 2DB

WHEN? Until 19th February so hurry hurry hurry, catch it before it closes!

WHY GO? To bone up on ancient history and wonder how we’ve arrived at the complexities of Brexit!

The British Museum is the holy grail when it comes to ancient manuscripts and books; the museum’s collection is plentiful from ecclesiastical tomes to the ‘big daddy’ of them all, The Domesday Book.

It beggars belief that scribes back in the day could have created such exquisite work and catalogued so much information, without the technology we all take for granted today.

IN THE KNOW? Britain truly was (still is) a melting pot of nationalities. It seems we owe much of our cultural heritage to Alfred, King of the Anglo-Saxons who promoted patronage of the arts and scholarships in the English language. No wonder he was the only King to earn his moniker ‘the Great’.